Made In China

How often have I heard this word. It’s supposed to be ubiquitous, we keep hearing about the adverse effects that these manufacturing factories are having on the environment, especially now that Earth Day is so close by. And I always thought, but there is nothing I can do about that, so why bother.

China is supposed to be the largest plastic product producer, but so what?! I thought. Do go through this link to see how bad the situation is!


This brings me to my tale. One fine day, like most other days, I was standing there minding my own business. Waging a war against those cunning spiders who always seem to come back to avenge my last web cleaning spree. And then I see the magic words “Made In China” written across my duster and I was surprised that I hadn’t noticed this before. And now that I think about it, I have never actually given a conscious thought to the things that I am getting for my house. And then started the hunt, the hunt for the “Made in China” Label.

Nothing was spared, kitchen was raided, bedroom was invaded and the living room was pervaded(Poetic Freedom allows words that don’t make sense! ) Lo and Behold! It was everywhere! TV Remote, mugs, scissors, bedside table and the list goes on and on… When did all this stuff come in! So, started my hunt for local made eco friendly alternatives to this stuff and here waited another surprise. It’s just not available! Even if it is, it is exorbitantly priced! An eco-friendly lemon squeezer is priced at Rs. 3000, a basket to hold all the living room clutter is priced at 4000 and a jug is priced at 3000, you get the idea.

Then what is a middle classed person to do! How do we find affordable beautiful local eco-friendly alternatives to all that rubbish that is sold in our supermarkets! My search is ongoing, if you know any resources which would help this cause, please do let me know!



At the outset, let me tell you that I feel as if I am writing one of those required writing essays in our school. Where we were eventually forced to choose between overpopulation and environment.  (Remember those ink draining sheaves of paper!!) But again, this is a topic that has always been on my mind.

I have always maintained that surviving in India is tough. Need an application form, sure! But just get through the swarms of people surrounding the form counter. Want to study in a good college? Just make sure that you fight your way out of the reservations for women, caste and what not! If you qualify to be in the 1% of the unrederved quota, maybe you have a chance. Want to get into a good school, make sure the kid knows his As Bs and Cs even before he goes into the class, which is supposed to teach him exactly that!

India is an overpopulated country. Oh, don’t we know it. But I don’t think we have ever fully realized the impact of that fact. Humans are a strange species. There is inherent good in all of us, but let us not overlook the other side of the coin too. And this crush of humanity tends to bring out the worst in us.

Because we are so busy surviving in this sea of humanity, we do not have the luxury of taking a stroll through that non-existent park which was supposed to be built in our street. Where did all the greenery go! Gone, to make space for US!

I tend to think of parks as essential as malls, if not more. I want more museums, more quiet places. For what is life, if not enjoyed! And these are all needed to maintain that decorum of peace.

But,our generation cannot afford to sit back and relax. We have the responsibility of advocating literacy and spreading awareness about this epidemic.

What triggered this you ask, it is Dan Brown’s Inferno! This made me think about our current predicament.