Of change (Among other things)

So many things have changed and so many more changes to come!

It’s official, we have moved to Bangalore err…. Bengaluru and we are here to stay! It’s been 3 weeks now but the city didn’t charm me the way I thought it would. Well, the area I live in, at any rate. I used to live in Hyderabad, in an  area that was filled with trees and I loved it. So when we decided that we would be moving here, I was delighted as I read TGND, whose blog I love. And she posts a lot about the beauty of Bengaluru. You can read some of them here, here and here.  So you can imagine my despair when I came here and all I saw was concrete jungle. It was quite a shock!

But… (there’s always a ‘But’!) over the weekend we had a chance to visit the old Bengalure and we grabbed it both our hands. We started off with a leisurely stroll across Church Street with the aim of visiting Blossoms Book Shop, again courtesy TGND. And what a delight it was!


It is a book lovers h(e)aven! I was ogling at all the books and didn’t know where to start. Do you know those baskets that super markets have, the handheld ones. There were people who had those baskets and they were full of books!! I wanted to ask them for a photo, but didn’t want to come across as a stalker. Imagine you being in a book aisle and no one around you. Suddenly a person comes up and asks for a photo! Sounds like quite a scene! 😀

We followed that up with a trip to the famed MTR and had their yummilicious bisibelebath! OMG! It is to die for! Followed that up with a visit to the Egg Factory. We are gluttons, what can I say! But it is MTR which was the food highlight of the day! The smell of the long-lost Udipi restaurant just stole my heart away. Totally recharged, we were off to explore M.G. Road and it was quite a delight. We winded up the day with Cubbon Park, it was such a pleasure to be surrounded by the greenery.

That is it for now, my folks! Hopefully, much more to follow. I for one am eagerly awaiting to explore more of Namma Bangalore! 🙂


Crochet time!!!

Crochet! Crochet! Crochet!!

That is all I’m doing these days! Me sitting in a pool of yarn with a crochet hook in my hand! =)

I’m always looking out for knickknacks that I can gift to my loved ones! And this art form lets me make them!


And crochet is an instantly gratifying hobby, you get to see the results of your labor.

My mom’s birthday is just around the corner and I thought of making something for her and off I went. Finding crochet supplies in Hyderabad is difficult, to put it mildly. So I had a hard time getting stuff and I had to make do with what I have. In-spite of all that, these coasters are the result of some serious fun that I had!

20130717_002016 20130717_002149 20130717_002403


And this is how she received it!

20130719_234435 20130719_234443



If you want to make some of your own, here’s the link!

Make A Wish

Have you guys ever heard of the make a wish foundation. It is one of the most heart warming/heart wrenching initiatives that I have ever come across.

The initiative is aimed to fulfill the wish of a child. How awesome is that. They make things happen, almost anything!

Strangely, the first time I came across this organization was in a book called ‘Chicken Soup for the Teenager’. This was way back, in my schooldays. I was a huge chicken soup fan then. If you have never read a chicken soup, do give them a try.

They fulfill one wish of a child suffering from a life threatening illness. MAW is a world wide organization, which does some genuinely good stuff. I can only imagine the happiness that each family experiences when they see their child beaming. It all started with one kid, Chris Greicius. He was suffering from Leukemia and his one wish was to become a police officer for a day.

His parents got some officers involved and they started making things happen. On April 29, Chris is flown in a helicopter to the headquarters where the officers give him a grand tour. What Chris didn’t know was that the officers had worked day and night to make a police uniform for him, so that he could be a part of them for a day. A group of officers take the uniform to him and set up a couple of cones so that Chris can navigate a battery operated vehicle and earn his position as a motorcycle officer. At the end of this long day, every one got together for a group hug and realize that every officer has tears in their eye.

But when the officers went back to give Chris his wings, they found that Chris had been admitted into a hospital due to some complication. On May 2, Chris passed away knowing that he is Arizona’s first and only honorary DPS officer.

Chris, in his uniform

Chris, in his uniform

Many such stories have been replicated, thanks to this organization. It does some great work all over the world. Kudos to all the volunteers, who relentlessly work to make this happen. They go around visiting kids in the hospital, they find out their one true wish and move heaven and earth to make sure that it happens!


At the outset, let me tell you that I feel as if I am writing one of those required writing essays in our school. Where we were eventually forced to choose between overpopulation and environment.  (Remember those ink draining sheaves of paper!!) But again, this is a topic that has always been on my mind.

I have always maintained that surviving in India is tough. Need an application form, sure! But just get through the swarms of people surrounding the form counter. Want to study in a good college? Just make sure that you fight your way out of the reservations for women, caste and what not! If you qualify to be in the 1% of the unrederved quota, maybe you have a chance. Want to get into a good school, make sure the kid knows his As Bs and Cs even before he goes into the class, which is supposed to teach him exactly that!

India is an overpopulated country. Oh, don’t we know it. But I don’t think we have ever fully realized the impact of that fact. Humans are a strange species. There is inherent good in all of us, but let us not overlook the other side of the coin too. And this crush of humanity tends to bring out the worst in us.

Because we are so busy surviving in this sea of humanity, we do not have the luxury of taking a stroll through that non-existent park which was supposed to be built in our street. Where did all the greenery go! Gone, to make space for US!

I tend to think of parks as essential as malls, if not more. I want more museums, more quiet places. For what is life, if not enjoyed! And these are all needed to maintain that decorum of peace.

But,our generation cannot afford to sit back and relax. We have the responsibility of advocating literacy and spreading awareness about this epidemic.

What triggered this you ask, it is Dan Brown’s Inferno! This made me think about our current predicament.

The Porn of Human Misery

glob·al vil·lage

Noun: The world considered as a single community linked by telecommunications

This word defines our world now. In every possible way. This is the reason that I am able to write this post and reach out to you guys. And like Spider-man says:
“With Great Power comes Great Responsibility”
And the ability to be anywhere, see anything and hear everything certainly qualifies as THE power for me. Then, in this context, how are we to distinguish the fine line between curiosity and profanity.  My life has been touched by the lives of many people around the planet who do not know that I exist, but their thoughts, actions have affected my life. And this brings me to the central point of my post.
News Media
Very recently, I was watching the coverage of an accident and the camera zooms in to the extent that I can clearly discern the blood and gore along with the tears of the victims and their families. And I felt as if I was intruding on their most private moments which rightfully belong to them. And the realization struck me, that our lives are not just our lives anymore, it has become public property. Since Human Misery sells better than any soap on television. This has become the central point of many channels.
And there’s nothing that ignites the curiosity of the human mind more than tragedy. Ever observed the scene of an accident or any sort of tragedy? We, humans, congregate around the scene like a group of ants. I think it’s encoded in our DNA!
But sometimes, just sometimes, which is most of the times these days. The overpowering sense (of being intruded upon/intruding on others) becomes unbearable.  Then, how do we avoid the assault of the private life. How can we avoid it when it is being forced down our throat. We are forced to watch/listen to content that we do not necessarily want to know. While waiting in the doctors lobby for your appointment, in the airport for your flight.
I cannot think of a solution that enables us to avoid the trespassing. Because human kind is not able to morally keep up with the rate at which the technology is advancing. The exponential growth of the cyber world does not leave us with the time to evaluate and absorb the moral implications of the change.
Because action begets action, I resolve to divvy up  time to “Meditate. Ponder. Reflect”
This is my contribution. What’s yours?

P.S. This article is the inspiration for this post.




Before the chuk-chuk and the beep-beep, this thing got us through!

I know I am late, please forgive me. I have been sick the past few days and couldn’t get myself to get to finish this!

This is one of the favorite haunts in my house and wanted to share it with you guys.

Can you imagine sitting on this? If only things like these could talk, they would tell us the stories of the past. Now-a-days they are nothing but the show stoppers on our roads, but imagine a time when these were the IT thing and the one who owns would go ‘Aati kya Khandala’ with his beloved! 😀