The power of love and creativity

Recently, while on the rounds of the internet I came across this lovely lovely story and I loved it so much that I had to share it out here! Imagine your girl friend wanting to travel, now what would we expect a run of the mill boyfriend to do. Create a ruckus about a long distance relationships not working yada yada…. But not this guy! He goes along with her, celebrates their love and gives us something amazing in the process.

Meet Murad Osmann, if his website isn’t enough to make you fall in love with him. Hear this, he is the boyfriend who follows his girlfriend all around the world and started a photo series called ‘Follow Me’ His photographs are so lovely that they made me cry. The range of emotions he manages to convey in each of his clicks is beyond this world.

What are you waiting for! Go check these out of the world photos!


Vacuum Cleaner Needed

Life is messy.. So messy in fact that everything seems like a jumble these days.

Wish I had a vacuum Cleaner to remove all those unpleasant things in your life.

Then that would be my one task that I would religiously follow. Imagine having a weekly ritual of getting out your cleaner and getting a good cleanse of your weekly mess!

If only things were that easy, now a days I work on short term memory loss. Forget all the nasty things and remember the rainbows. So so hard to do it! But hey! Life is messy!

The Beauty of Imperfection

Do I go for that dance class that I’ve heard so much about… Do I go to the party tonight or do I sit it out for the lack of a pretty pretty dress… Do I talk out loud, but what if I end up sounding stupid… Do I talk about myself when the occasion calls for it or do I become a part of the crowd in the fear that I don’t sound interesting enough…
If you are anything like me, the answer to any one of the above would be a resounding “Yes”. I like to think of myself as a perfectionist ( But who doesn’t right!! ) And I like to think that everything I do to be beyond the world. But surprisingly, I found that it is not always so. Things in real life do not look as mummy or as perfect that we imagine them to be or the why we see them in the telly or the movies or the books ( Now you know where the expectations come from!! ) We live in a world filled with pictures which populate/pollute our minds with the pretty pretty things. For a long time, I was afraid to try anything in the fear that it wouldn’t look as good as I though would look, so what’s the point in starting it in the first place!

But the point of life is to live it up isn’t it! I don’t know when it happened or how it happened. But I lost the fear of imperfection. I realized that it is okay to put yourself out there and to be either accepted or rejected for who you are. For there’s only one of you!
On a lighter note, I started doing some fun things recently. Things like paper crafting, origami, gift wrapping etc etc. And it is giving me such tremendous pleasure! This weekend, I took up this project which is pretty easy, if exacting. And while doing this, I realized that there are so many ways that this could go wrong! A wrong fold, an imperfect alignment and all of it’s gone! But the important and fun thing is to start it in the first place. If you don’t try it, how would you know what could have happened! But touch wood, it ended up pretty well as you can see below and I’ve shown it off to everyone at home who think that I’m some kind of creative genius! 😀

So all you guys out there! It is okay to dress sloppy sometimes, it is perfectly normal to state your opinions, to crack your stupid jokes! Jeena isi ka naam hai! So go out there and have some fun! Have a great weekend! 🙂

I am in love with my new theme! 😀 What say you?

Me and My Cappuccino

I have been on a quest to try new things whenever I can. And this weekend I happened to fulfill one of my dreams! To learn to be an equestrian, yes you read it right! I went HORSE-RIDING!! Yayy!! 🙂

Have always been obsessed with historical fiction and as you know, horses are a huge part in any good historical romance! The heroine almost always is a beautiful, intelligent female who has extraordinary horse skills! And who can ride a horse bare back!

So this time around, when I got a chance to ride one. I seized it!! 😀

As it was my first time, I learnt the basic stuff, getting on and off the horse! Do not laugh! It is a highly complex task which required a variety of gymnastic movements to be performed on my part! 😛

I got to sit on my Cappuccino, which by the way is the name of my horse! Ain’t it cute!

And all of the time I was on the horse, I imagined myself to be galloping among the lush green woods and felt exactly like a princess! 😉

After our session, me and some of my friends had stuck around to see how it is actually done. How the pros do it! And out comes a line of beautifully groomed horses who we could tell had undergone loads and loads of training and their riders held themselves aloft with a very confident air about them. We watched them do stuff that I didn’t think was possible to do!

But more than the horses, their riders were what caught my fancy! For they were all aged below 10!! :O

Looking at them I realised that magic truly does exist, for seeing those little hands caressing their horses and steering them the way they wanted was nothing less than magical for me!

I guess we humans are made to try to something new whenever we can so that we discover something about ourselves in the process! I found that I love riding horses. for horses are royal beings and they are so gracious that they lend us a royal aura when we are in their company! 🙂