Nefertiti by Michelle Moran

All I have ever known about Egypt is through movies. Which is not quite a lot, so this book came as a complete pleasure to me. Nefertiti offered me a very beautiful view of the Royal Egyptian landscape. This book gave me a very interesting glimpse of Egyptians. And I fell in love with books all over again. The very reason for me being a book lover is that it gives me the ability to experience the soft breeze of the Nile, the heavy heat of the Egyptian markets, wonder at the beauty of the Egyptian culture and to marvel at the beauty that is Nefertiti and all while being curled up at the window sill, warm in my blanket on a cold cold night!


The book opens with the young life of Nefertiti and Mutnejmet who enjoy their lives in their village of Akhmim. When Amenhotep happens to be next on line to become the Pharaoh of Egypt, Nefertiti becomes his bride. Amenhotep, who is a worshiper of Aten (The sun), is looking to overhaul the traditional worship ways of the Egyptians and Nefertiti lends her support to him to gain his affection. They go on to build an empire where their names can stand the test of time. Meanwhile, it’s Mutnejmet who is the moral force behind Nefertiti’s choices. While she belongs to the Royal family, she craves for a family of her own. Her desires are finally fulfilled when she comes across the love of her life Nakhtmin, a general who is out of favor in the Pharaoh’s army. In spite of everyone opposing the match, she leaves the royal premises and sets out to live a life of her own.

After a while, the family reconciles and comes together to face the repercussions of the neglect of the Pharaoh which has to led to the invasion of Egyptian territories by Hittites. The plot revolves around Neferiti’s wish of remaining immortal through her city and her sister Mutnejmet who is Nefertiti’s alter ego.

Overall it was a very interesting read, with loads of family drama which only added to the intrigue. This goes into my all time favorites shelf!

Life is what you make it

Statutory warning: Posted from my phone. Please ignore the typos, too lazy to change it now! Hope you get the gist though!

It’s 3’o clock in the morning and I’m still awake.

A good book does that to you! I.started reading Preeti Shenoy’s Life is what you make it at 12’o clock thinking that oysters would be a time filler till i doze off, as I wasn’t very impressed with heterosexual tea ftp two and a piece of cake. But boy oh boy!! Did it surprise me!

Ankita is a beautiful intelligent girl who lives in Kerala with her conservative parents. She id quite the ‘it’ girl with her being the secretary of her college. She has a relationship going on for her with an old time school friend via letters ( Hoe can you not love letters!! ) Meanwhile she meets Abhi who is super sweet and is utterly in love with her. By abduction by they both start living each other.

Graduation arrives and its time for life to intervene with its twists. Ankita moves to MUmbai to join the famed management institute. But here she realizes how wrong things have become. Now it is her journey which completely kept me engrossed. So much so that I’m still awake!! On a work day!!

If you guys are looking for that next book, i would definitely recommend this one!

P.S. This happens to be mymilestone book of the year! Aka my 60th book. Ah! The satisfaction of fulfilling a New year resolution! I’m feeling so smug for having done it 😀

And I’m happy that it’s this particular one 🙂

The Drop By Michael Connelly

Been a long time since a thriller has captivated my interest so much. The plot keeps the reader occupied. Every so often, I would put down the book and wonder what the next move would be or where the plot would lead to. It is exactly for this reason that I like this book. Any book which can transcend from the pages into your imagination logs in as a good read for me.

Harry Bosch is a dedicated cop who is a part of the team, which takes up old unsolved cases in the hope that the modern invention of DNA profiling helps to bring justice to them. In the course of his job, he comes across a case where the DNA found on the victim matches to that of an eight year old. Thus, to uphold the legitimacy of the his department, he embarks on an investigation. This is one part of the story. The other side has a very politically charged case which he finds himself plunked in. A man has been found dead and he has fallen off from his balcony in the Chateau Marmont Hotel. And he turns out to be the son of a anti-LAPD Councilman who holds a personal grudge against Harry. The story then revolves around these two investigations. However, the end seems a little anticlimactic, which is why it goes into my like shelf instead of my love shelf!

The sublime way in which the author has portrayed the detective as a father, lover and a mentor is appreciable. Goes on to show how many roles all of us take on in our daily lives.

If you are itching to try out a crime thriller, you can trust this one, you may not fall in love with it but it will carry you through quite well.

The Hunt For Atlantis By Andy McDermott

This book was a break for me. Away from serious reading, wanted to try out some action/adventure genre. But alas, reading it became a task for me and it didn’t really excite me.

Usually the thought of Atlantis itself gets me very excited but the way the plot and the characters shaped didn’t invoke my imagination. AT ALL!!!

Dr.Wilde and her parents are searching for the lost city of Atlantis and in the quest her parents lose their lives. She dedicates her life to furthering the cause and through an organization gets a chance to go on a search for Atlantis. She also has the bad guys chasing her, who want to prevent her from making the archaeological find ever. In the course, she meets her bodyguard/romantic interest. To cut it short, she fulfills her quest but the end turns out to be so weird that it fails to bring home the joy that I was expecting out if it.

For what it’s worth, I would recommend that you skip it entirely and search elsewhere for your adventure needs.

The Secret Keeper By Julie Thomas

It’s said that good things come in small packages. How true has that proven to be  in this case.

In one of my previous posts, I had mentioned that I’m a student of violin. Violin is where I escape to, a place far away from my worries. So this book was a treat for me.

For this books protagonist is not a person, but a thing. If you can call a violin a thing, that is. The book revolves around a German family’s attachment to their heritage. They are especially attached to their violin which has been in their family for a hundred and fifty years. They lose it during the holocaust and due to an unexpected twist of fate and some expert writing, a reunion of the grandest kind happens.

The book truly manages to convey the importance of music in our lives, about memories that carry us through the tough times.

This book has so many goodies in it that I can’t even begin to tell you. Botticelli paintings, authentic Faberge eggs and how can I forget the music! The greats of orchestral music are brought alive through their works and the luthiers(Violin Makers) come alive through their instruments. I have learned so much about the history of violins by reading this book!

The description of concentration camps is heart wrenching!

Even if you’re not a fan of classical music, this is a must try. Would recommend it to everyone who has the fortune of reading the global language known as English!

The Girl Who Played With Fire By Stieg Larsson

A true page Turner! Gripping till the end!

Found this one too in the office library like the last one whose review can be found here. It’s been a long time since a book has managed to capture my interest so thoroughly as this one. From start to finish, I immensely enjoyed this read and couldn’t get myself put it down! The last time I experienced this was when I read the final edition of the Harry potter series! That far back!

The tale is a continuation of the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. But if you haven’t read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, that is okay too. As the book has a complete plot in itself, unrelated to the previous book.

I hadn’t particularly liked the first edition as it was too violent and too graphic for me. But the plot of the book was what kept me stick to it. So I wasn’t expecting much when I started reading this one. This book focuses mainly on the life of Lisbeth Salander. A socially handicapped, ultra intelligent computer hacker. The story revolves around the murder of a couple, who set out to expose a scandal. The investigation that follows this crime makes for a very interesting read. The story goes through a lot of twists and turns and finally lands in a very unexpected quarter. The plot is completely engrossing and keeps you on your toes!

I haven’t come across a good crime thriller for a while now and this certainly fits the criteria! And I can’t wait to get my hands on the third and final book in this series.

So if you are in the mood for a thriller, this can certainly be included in your to-read list!

My Sister’s Keeper – By Jodi Picoult

“As much as you want to hold on to the bitter sore memory that someone has left this world, you are still in it. And the very act of living is a tide: at first it seems to make no difference at all, and then one day you look down and see how much pain has eroded.”

I came across this book in the office library. I had already watched the movie but decided to pick it up anyway. This book deals with a very complex issue. I can talk about terms like medical emancipation, but at the heart of it, it talks about the thread that binds a family together, about the choices that an individual is entitled to by birth and the effect of one on the other and vice versa. About how love influences our choices.

There are some things that are beyond our understand. Because we don’t know how it feels, what it is like till we’ve been there and experienced what they go through. This book talks about one of those things.

I had a tough time wading through the book because it just didn’t seem to capture my interest, the characters didn’t speak to me. If you are a regular book reader, you’ll know what I am talking about. But I just kept plodding on. This was because I didn’t resonate with the situations that they were facing, because they talk about a very specific dilemma. But in the end, it did manage to wring tears out of me. The end took me completely by surprise and left me with a sense of wonder at the way life works out. I parted with the book with a sense of loss and a sigh.

There are some things that I just cannot understand and that are beyond my limited ability to review.
Hence, I leave this book without a rating, because it cannot be treated as a book read, reviewed and left behind.

P.S. The book is way way better than the movie, like always.

A Bookish Affair!

Books have always been there for me! Since time immemorial, you could say, as the ‘immemorial’, for me, begins with my first memory! 😛 They were the ones that got me through the boring afternoons, the grief of losing a loved one, the pain of separation from a friend, well you get the picture. It’s so easy to lose oneself in the plot, to delight in a character when you find traits that you find in yourself(The feeling is very similar to the one we experience when we hear our favorite song being played on the radio!!) 🙂 🙂

As it often happens, we lose touch with a loved one. Not because we want to, but just because we get too entangled in the complex web of daily life! Inexcusable, I know! And so it happened that I had more or less stopped reading books, but then I came across this very interesting site which awoke in me a feeling of uneasiness. The uneasiness which you feel when you stray away from your beloved. It was a site which talks n talks n talks about books! Nothing but books! I have found my haven there, and then resolved to buckle up and start reading. On this point, I’m happy to announce that I’ve been able to fulfill a new year resolution viz.a.viz reading!! (Thank god for that, I would have crossed out all the resolutions in my huuge list, this saved me 🙂 ) In this site, I found a widget which is called “Reading Challenge” in which you set a goal as to the number of books you would read in an year. I started wondering if we should set goals for something that you do for leisure, but I figured that in the day to day activities we forget to make time for what to love. This has helped me a lot, keeps me motivated. What do you say? Do tell!

The site that I am referring to is Hope it helps you as much as it did me! 🙂

So it came as a surprise to me when I realized that I’ve never ever explored an interesting aspect of books – Reviewing them! And finally I got around to it! 🙂 So here’s my experiment and surprisingly it turned out be one of the best books that I ever came across!

Will be waiting to hear back from you! 🙂