A Filmy Vow

Hello! Hello! Hello!! Long Time no see!!

If anyone was wondering, I have not gone and met Yama (read:the god of death for Hindus) I was loving, living and lazing. Ho-Hum, Mo-Meh and Po-Puh. That is how boring it was getting.

A rather long time to be losing motivation to write, and today morning while waiting at the traffic light in Bangalore (33.3% of my day) it struck me that I write frantically when things are not so good in my life, and I am dead to the blogosphere when things are great. So an inverse relationship exists between Happiness and Frequency of posts. Something like this!

So I have decided to spice things up a bit!

I love FMS Photo A Day, but I find it too taxing to think of a name/place/animal/thing that goes along with the theme of the day. So, I have decided to create an à la carte Photo A Day, which does not involve me running around like a chicken at the end of the day, with my phone in hand turning the home upside down to find anything.. something that fits the theme of the day. Hence, the filmy vow!

Once a day, every day for the next 14 days I click one thing that made a difference to me. This way, I am off the hook and can post anything and everything, the only downside is that you guys will have to bear with bad lighting and hazy pictures. And over the course of the next 14 days.i.e. October 15th-28th, I post these pictures for your viewing. Why the 14 day delay, you ask. Because I am traveling to Turkey with no data connection!

See, how I managed to sneak in my traveling plans here! 😉 I am absolutely over the moon about going to Turkey, have been skimping and saving for quite sometime now! So Turkey, you better be worth all those dresses/necklaces/lunches/dinners/movies I gave up!

So, it’s game on people! Wish me luck! 😀


Leave your Foot-Print! Oops! Cyber-Print! :)

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