The Magic of Lists

Every time I open Chrome, I find myself gravitating towards self help blogs which talk about habit formation, which is quite an interesting topic. For we are our habits and our habits are us. Every moment that we go through is a result of our habits, then if our habits are so important, how is it that I have ignored this very important topic for such a long time of life. Maybe because, we as humans tend to incline towards drastic events rather than the teeny weeny bits which actually help shape us. The topic is very vast for me to wrap my head around. But, what I realize is that habits are the basic minutiae of our life. What prompted this you may say, the fact that we were exactly in the middle of the year, July 2. And while I am not a huge follower of yearly resolutions, it nevertheless always is on my mind come January 1. Then it got me wondering about the status of the said resolutions around the world at the halfway point. Which led to me think about the factors which make or break resolutions.

For the most common resolutions, I think, would be around health, finances, family. And if the unused and expired gym memberships of many a people, including me, is a sign, then some of them have already been waylaid. Hence, the literature of habit formation. And they are quite interesting too, not the boring yada-fact-yada-statistic kind, these blogs/books tend to explore the underlying cause for their habits and they then encourage us to explore our habits and their causes, which is certainly not an easy thing to do. Because 95% of our lives are spent on others, talking/gossiping/praising/critiquing/admiring/hating  others, and the other 5% is spent on shopping/cooking/earning/traveling etc etc. This realization was was quite a shocker!

So…. in order to know myself better I have turned to the magical world of lists! Lists!!! The boon of word documents! The bane of official documentation! And the survival guide for humans. Now a days, I find myself turning to lists.

  • Are you happy? Write why
  • Are you sad? Write why
  • Are you depressed? Write why
  • Are you beyond ecstatic? Write why
  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • What experiences do you enjoy?
  • What do you not like doing?

See, a list already! And every list has taught me something about myself! Are you interested? Are you excited? Are you both? Then start with it already! Your phone, your pretty little notebook, your laptop. Whatever is nearby, start a list and discover yourself!

P.S. Some of the blogs that took me in this direction are The Happiness Project, James Clear among others. Peace!


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