The power of love and creativity

Recently, while on the rounds of the internet I came across this lovely lovely story and I loved it so much that I had to share it out here! Imagine your girl friend wanting to travel, now what would we expect a run of the mill boyfriend to do. Create a ruckus about a long distance relationships not working yada yada…. But not this guy! He goes along with her, celebrates their love and gives us something amazing in the process.

Meet Murad Osmann, if his website isn’t enough to make you fall in love with him. Hear this, he is the boyfriend who follows his girlfriend all around the world and started a photo series called ‘Follow Me’ His photographs are so lovely that they made me cry. The range of emotions he manages to convey in each of his clicks is beyond this world.

What are you waiting for! Go check these out of the world photos!


The Tales of Apartments

For the first time in my life, I live in the strange urban contraptions called ‘apartments’. I have always lived in houses with small rooms and huge gardens. So I was very skeptical about my fitting into an apartment with no green lung space. And the closest we could come to having some greenery around us was to stay near a lake. So we took that chance. And surprisingly, I am liking this apartment experience. There are many things I marvel at. Some things that only apartments can provide, I think a lot of us see only the sad side of an apartment while conveniently forgetting the perks it offers. So these are some of the interesting things that I have come across.

  • Thousands of people live in an apartment complex. But have you noticed that at any given point of time, the complex is always shrouded in an eerie shawl of calmness!
  • Take an apartment tour. When I did a tour of my complex, I came across so many different kinds of living.
  • The unkempt balcony of a bachelor pad
  • The overflowing terrace garden of a plantsman (Apparently, it’s a word!)
  • The heavenly smell of sambrani (A mum must definitely live there!!)
  • A clothesline full of toddler clothes which never fail to make me smile, such small clothes 😀
  • The whirring of a washing machine which heralds the onset of a weekend
  • The constant barking of dog, a golden retriever, in my case. It barks just when I am about to lose myself in the folds of my blanket. We must have been enemies in our past life
  • The fairy lights that glow and glint and make you think of all things magical
  • The ‘Howzzaaat’ of the perennial cricket match played by kids
  • I confess that I become something of a peeping tom during these tours and these bouts always provide a magical insight into my neighbors lives 😀
  • I love taking a walk through the corridors of all the floors, each house is decorated in something that makes them house a home. And I love observing these touches. The yellow wall that welcomes visitors, a funny door mat, a door that rivals the sercurity of a bank with its grills and padlocks and all 😀

These are my tales, what are yours?! Do tell, I am all ears! 😀

Flicks of the week

Since we have moved to Bangalore, we end up being in front of the TV a lot more than we would back in Hyderabad. Which has resulted in me following a series, I know, I am probably the only one in this metro generation who hasn’t followed FRIENDS (Me mentally preparing for all the assaults that are coming my way for saying this!). But I always found it boring, unrelatable (Unrelatable is definitely a word in my dictionary)!! So, I have watched lots and lots of Big Bang Theory (Love Sheldon!! Anyone say otherwise?) And the last couple of movies that I have seen have definitely made a huge impression on me and they were mostly in Telugu. Me liking a Telugu movie is a rare occurrence indeed, so I thought this warrants a post! So, here goes:

This was an unexpected surprise ( I find that phrase so funny, is there an expected surprise! Yes, my amma planning a surprise is usually an expected surprise! 😀 ) This movie stars a big time Telugu hero, Mahesh Babu, who isn’t exactly known for his repertoire of roles. He usually does formula movies, so this was what I expected. But it turned out to be completely different. This movie showed strains of Schizophrenia, which is a totally new concept in Tollywood industry. A Beautiful Mind showcases this concept in a lovely manner. Nenokkadine basically revolves around a son wanting to seek revenge for his murdered parents, this concept has been done to death by the Indian movie industry. But the manner in which they go about it is completely novel in this case. Along with schizophrenia, this movie also talks about eradicating hunger, genetically modified crops. All in all, very interesting wouldn’t you say!

Verdict: If you happen to feel like watching a zara hatke Telugu movie, try this out!

What can I say about this movie! It is so darn wonderful in every aspect, do you have a movie that keep going back to, which you can watch again and again and again and then some more. This is that movie for me now. It is a fairly low budget, under the radar movie which is very easy to miss. But do not let its rustic appearance fool you for a second. This movie focuses on an old couple, Appadaasu and Buchchi Laxmi, who have lived their lives in a way that we can’t tell where one begins and the other ends. Imagine your grandparents and you have them. Just watching this movie reminds me of the omnipresent garlic smell in my mom’s/grandma’s saree. They love their lives amidst their lush green garden which gives them some luscious bottle gourd, sensual brinjals, the ever tantalizing mangoes and much much more. The old man goes ga-ga over coconut chutney, bobbatlu, dappadam, laddu and many such South Indian delicacies. He knows his jaggery and his filter kaapi. And the director has so beautifully captured his childish enthusiasm towards food, the attached detachment (read: serious demeanor) towards his kids and his immeasurable love towards his wife. When you see the old lady cook her fare,  I was salivating, which was pretty much the entire movie. And there are so many Telugu literary references throughout the entire movie, which was just the cherry on the cake. And the movie contains a beautiful message of living in harmony with nature, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I noticed that throughout the movie which only shows one couple living their daily life in their beloved house, not one trace of plastic was found. No plastic buckets, no plastic covers, no plastic spoons, so plastic stools, no plastic Tupperware dabbas, no plastic anything!! Imagine living a life without plastic, I can’t! And this movie showed me that we can live a life without plastic and I am definitely trying to decrease my carbon footprint after watching this movie. And better grab a box of tissues before you sit down, because you are going to need it!

Verdict: Please watch it ASAP!

Imagine Ladakh! Helloooo, are you there or have you already lost yourself in the glorious landscapes of it! Now imagine a Telugu movie in Ladakh!! Bouncer! It was the first time I watched a Telugu movie being shot in Ladakh, I would watch it for just that, if not anything else. Now, do you love Indiana Jones or do you love him? Now, if you do this movie would interest you even more. There is so much different about this movie, the locales, the plot! This is basically about a guy who is trying to find the lost treasure of his ancestors and while on this quest, he comes across Taliban, a treasure hunt, an archaeologist, an ardent devotee and Hinglaj Mata temple which is interestingly located in Pakistan and it happens to be Shakti Peeth! The signature dialogue of the movie which the hero repeats often enough quite caught my interest:

‘naadi kaani koti rupailanina naaku vaddu. naadi annadi ardha rupai kooda vadulukonu’  (If it is not mine, I will not touch it even if its a crore, but if it is mine, I will not leave even a rupee)

Verdict: Watch if looking for a move with amazing locales and some treaure hunting

How many times have I watched this movie,you say? At least 15. And I never get bored. It’s about a mother-daughter duo. The psychiatrist mother is getting remarried and the daughter is a rocker guitarist who wants to attend an audition on the day of the rehearsal dinner. A recipe for a fight, but then their souls decide to swap the bodies. So, it’s the daughters soul in the mothers’ body and the mothers’ soul in the daughters’! Ha! Classic! And the day they have is quite hilarious! The Mother gets her ears pierced and The Daughter wears a chignon. And they need to figure out a way to reconnect with each other to get their souls back in their proper places, and all before the wedding! And this movie tells us so much about a generation gap, about understanding different schools of thought and about accepting each other, in such a sweet way that it always gets to me!

Verdict: A sweet movie to cheer you up on your blue days