Save it, Print it and Flaunt it! [Art Work]

Your search for art work ends here. I have been looking out for stuff to decorate my new home with. And all the art work that I have checked out though being gorgeous tends to fall on the expensive side! Don’t they all! (Sigh) So, imagine my whoop of happiness when I happened to come across this site. The rijk Museum has digitized their collection and we can all now access their images and download them!! What a treat! I have always loved paintings, I belong to the type who can just hours at a painting, you know the silent comatose like people you find in a museum, but such museums are hard to find here. So this was definitely a treat for me. Even if you don’t want to download, you could check them out.

All the software engineers out there who are lucky enough to belong to the companies which allow access to sites like Gmail, Facebook etc will understand when I say that Facebook becomes a habit. The habit compels you ( much like the Imperius curse, if you do not know what that is, then I don’t know you :P) to do the following steps:

1. Open your browser

2. Open your Facebook Page

3. Do a page down

4. Close the page, before your manages comes sneaking

This is repeated every 2 minutes!

Now I have decided to substitute Step 2 with the following

2. Open the Rijks Museum Page

So, in case you are looking out for artwork to update your home or if you just want to gaze and wonder at some of mankind’s most wondrous creations. Head on over here!! So what are you waiting for!

To further tempt you, this is a sample of what they have to offer.


Leave your Foot-Print! Oops! Cyber-Print! :)

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