Of change (Among other things)

So many things have changed and so many more changes to come!

It’s official, we have moved to Bangalore err…. Bengaluru and we are here to stay! It’s been 3 weeks now but the city didn’t charm me the way I thought it would. Well, the area I live in, at any rate. I used to live in Hyderabad, in an  area that was filled with trees and I loved it. So when we decided that we would be moving here, I was delighted as I read TGND, whose blog I love. And she posts a lot about the beauty of Bengaluru. You can read some of them here, here and here.  So you can imagine my despair when I came here and all I saw was concrete jungle. It was quite a shock!

But… (there’s always a ‘But’!) over the weekend we had a chance to visit the old Bengalure and we grabbed it both our hands. We started off with a leisurely stroll across Church Street with the aim of visiting Blossoms Book Shop, again courtesy TGND. And what a delight it was!


It is a book lovers h(e)aven! I was ogling at all the books and didn’t know where to start. Do you know those baskets that super markets have, the handheld ones. There were people who had those baskets and they were full of books!! I wanted to ask them for a photo, but didn’t want to come across as a stalker. Imagine you being in a book aisle and no one around you. Suddenly a person comes up and asks for a photo! Sounds like quite a scene! 😀

We followed that up with a trip to the famed MTR and had their yummilicious bisibelebath! OMG! It is to die for! Followed that up with a visit to the Egg Factory. We are gluttons, what can I say! But it is MTR which was the food highlight of the day! The smell of the long-lost Udipi restaurant just stole my heart away. Totally recharged, we were off to explore M.G. Road and it was quite a delight. We winded up the day with Cubbon Park, it was such a pleasure to be surrounded by the greenery.

That is it for now, my folks! Hopefully, much more to follow. I for one am eagerly awaiting to explore more of Namma Bangalore! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Of change (Among other things)

  1. Is this coincidence or what? I just posted that comment here. 🙂

    First off, you’re in Bangalore?! Wow! Care to meet up?

    I’m sorry you were disappointed by your initial impression of Bangalore. 😦 That too, thanks to my blog. That said, I think it is because you live in a largely concrete jungle. Once you visit other parts of Bangalore, explore them sufficiently, I think you will find the Bangalore that I write about. Hopefully…

    • 🙂 🙂

      Talk about coincidences!

      Definitely! We should meet up sometime, then I’ll get to know about your Bangalore! I’m already falling for it, weekend by weekend!

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