Crochet time!!!

Crochet! Crochet! Crochet!!

That is all I’m doing these days! Me sitting in a pool of yarn with a crochet hook in my hand! =)

I’m always looking out for knickknacks that I can gift to my loved ones! And this art form lets me make them!


And crochet is an instantly gratifying hobby, you get to see the results of your labor.

My mom’s birthday is just around the corner and I thought of making something for her and off I went. Finding crochet supplies in Hyderabad is difficult, to put it mildly. So I had a hard time getting stuff and I had to make do with what I have. In-spite of all that, these coasters are the result of some serious fun that I had!

20130717_002016 20130717_002149 20130717_002403


And this is how she received it!

20130719_234435 20130719_234443



If you want to make some of your own, here’s the link!

6 thoughts on “Crochet time!!!

  1. Hi,

    I am also from Hyderabad… I like crochet but I am also searching for a store that has the supplies. Do you know of any store that has good quality yarn , like vardhaman wool and Anchor pearl yarn. Please do let me know the address of the stores.


    • Hey Sharmistha!!

      Thanks for stopping by! I agree that the crochet scene is Hyderabad is beyond horrendous! Now, I get my yarn from this site or there is this small shop in Secunderabad which sells some yarn, only acrylic though. It’s quite cheap but the downside is that we can’t choose the weight or anything of the sort!

      Hope it helped.

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