Make A Wish

Have you guys ever heard of the make a wish foundation. It is one of the most heart warming/heart wrenching initiatives that I have ever come across.

The initiative is aimed to fulfill the wish of a child. How awesome is that. They make things happen, almost anything!

Strangely, the first time I came across this organization was in a book called ‘Chicken Soup for the Teenager’. This was way back, in my schooldays. I was a huge chicken soup fan then. If you have never read a chicken soup, do give them a try.

They fulfill one wish of a child suffering from a life threatening illness. MAW is a world wide organization, which does some genuinely good stuff. I can only imagine the happiness that each family experiences when they see their child beaming. It all started with one kid, Chris Greicius. He was suffering from Leukemia and his one wish was to become a police officer for a day.

His parents got some officers involved and they started making things happen. On April 29, Chris is flown in a helicopter to the headquarters where the officers give him a grand tour. What Chris didn’t know was that the officers had worked day and night to make a police uniform for him, so that he could be a part of them for a day. A group of officers take the uniform to him and set up a couple of cones so that Chris can navigate a battery operated vehicle and earn his position as a motorcycle officer. At the end of this long day, every one got together for a group hug and realize that every officer has tears in their eye.

But when the officers went back to give Chris his wings, they found that Chris had been admitted into a hospital due to some complication. On May 2, Chris passed away knowing that he is Arizona’s first and only honorary DPS officer.

Chris, in his uniform

Chris, in his uniform

Many such stories have been replicated, thanks to this organization. It does some great work all over the world. Kudos to all the volunteers, who relentlessly work to make this happen. They go around visiting kids in the hospital, they find out their one true wish and move heaven and earth to make sure that it happens!

4 thoughts on “Make A Wish

  1. This is the first time I am hearing about this organization. Great initiative and I can imagine how big this would be in the lives of little ones.

    Such a heart warming post, brought tears.

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