Enjoying Life


For me, enjoying life involves testing the limits of my comfort zone. To find out what we are capable of. This picture shows one such moment. And I think this picture right here, right now makes the most sense to me.

This was during my trip to Rishikesh. The rafting there was amazing! Me floating on the mighty Ganges with only a two meter long sheet of rubber saving me from the wrath of the water. The entire experience will always remain etched in my memory.

But the highlight of the trip was the bungee jumping, jumping into the unknown with a limpy piece of thread of holding you. That was crazy! Sadly, I do not have pictures of that. Reading all this, you must be thinking I am some sort of adrenaline junkie. In fact, I am not, fat from it. I like scrabble, I read books, I like plonking down at a place and not moving (read: elephantine levels of laziness) I consider riding a bike the highest form of adrenaline rush on normal days.

But I like pushing myself. Testimonials for that are my solo trip to the Himalayas, writing this blog, trips like these and eating bitter-gourd ( That totally is THE test for me!)

Rishikesh is such a magical little town, but I would not even venture to imagine its current state of ruin. The monsoons have played havoc with the area. My thoughts and prayers are with the people caught in this calamity!

Posted as part of the June Photo A Day Challenge

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