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Reading is what makes up a huge part of me. It gives me different perspectives to play with, opinions to have internal arguments with. So, if you find me muttering furiously to myself, please do not think that I am crazy. I am just having a very heated internal debate. And surprisingly, all these mutterings happen in English. If I ever need to speak passionately about something, I automatically shift to English. My mother tongue is Telugu, but it is English I resort to.

There have been situations when I am having a fight with my mum and I find that I have automatically shifted to English. I just can’t express my thoughts so well in any other language. Strange! Has it ever happened to you.

Coming back to the prompt, I am a one-book-at-a-time kinda girl. But now, I usually read two books at a time. One is a paperback and the other would be my eBook (Kindle). eBooks have made my life so much more enjoyable! So much so that I think it needs a separate post unto itself. Do yo read eBooks? If you do, what format/device do you find most convenient?

Coming to the books themselves, I picked up Team of Rivals after looking at the sky-high ratings that it has received on goodreads. Even though this is my first ever non fiction book, I am enjoying it immensely. And in the process I have realized that I tend to read non-fictions a looooooooooot slower than my fictions. Because everything in this book carries so much weight that I find that I need to go back sometimes. To look at the overall picture. This is a highly recommended read!

Fun Fact: The movie Lincoln is based on this book!

Pillars of the earth is my first ever Ken Follett read. I have taken this up based on the recommendations of goodreads, again! Don’t you just love that site?! I know that I do! Still in the first chapter, so can’t say anything about it.

I have become a huge fan of DIY, so at any given point of time. You’ll find me browsing through DIY sites, looking at the monitor like I am suffering from nearsightedness trying to figure out a project ( I am seriously considering about investing in a magnifying glass, I am tired of people asking me to get my eyes checked! I am just trying to look at the details people!! ) or actually doing one. As I spend so much of my time on these blogs, I thought I should include them in this post. This blog is amazing! I totally totally admire her choice of colors. How can you not love THIS! I do not care that this is little girls bedroom, I want one like this!!

Looking at the length of the post, I think you can guess that I am first-rate bookworm =D

Posted as prt of the June Photo A Day Challenge

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