11’o clock


2300 hours

This late hour sees me fumbling while I try to decide if I should catch those precious (few, they are never enough! 😉 ) hours of sleep which is supposed to do wonders for both my mental and physical health.  Or do I read that book which is at that Oh-so-interesting point?  Or do I work on that DIY project that had been pending for so long now?  Or do I watch that movie which everyone seems to be talking about?!!

Confusion,  confusion,  confusion.  O Confucius, can you help me.  My day ends like this.

How does this moment see you?  Do tell!
Posted as part of the June Photo a Day challenge.

2 thoughts on “11’o clock

  1. If I was in ur place, would have gone for reading it helps in may ways including falling asleep pretty fast.. 🙂

    nice blog btw

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