From Down Low



The Majestic Himalayas.

What can I possible that hasn’t been said already. This picture was taken during my trip to Spiti Valley. The trip can be considered as a milestone in my life. As it gave me a closer understanding of what I am made of. As I already mentioned in my previous posts here, here and here, this was my very first solo trip. And I went hiking, met loads of interesting people and generally found out that the world is not as bad a place as I thought!! It is full of candy, rainbows and nice people. No, seriously!

There was this interesting incident which managed to teach me one of the very necessary life skills – Making momos! What else! I was in this home stay in the beautiful village of Komic. And the lady who was hosting found out that I couldn’t cook to save my life. She was oh-so-horrified! She told me that the eligibility criteria for any girl to get married in the Himalayas was to cook momos! And she immediately proceeded with making them and teaching it to me! 😀

And now I’m a certified momo maker!!! *Tada* *Applause*

Posted as part of the June Photo A Day challenge.

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