Almost feels like a rickshaw race, doesn’t it! This was during my trip to Vietnam. If you didn’t know already, Vietnam is a country that is full of fun and interesting contrasts like this one! It has crazy traffic and these rickshaws are a throwback to the old era of Vietnam where they were the mainstay. But now, bikes have taken over! You cannot cross a road in Vietnam. Period. You do not where the next one is going to come from! It’s like playing temple run, only this time the adrenaline rush is much more higher.

I love this picture as it depicts a city that is trying to move forward while keeping the culture intact. This was in the french quarters of Hanoi. And right behind me is the opera house, which was utterly lovely. I was quite surprised to know that apparently it was still functional. I absolutely love Hanoi, all of Vietnam in fact! It was indeed a trip to remember.

Today (Err, yesterday’s) prompt was transport. And I think this picture depicts it perfectly. The past, the present and our hope  to balance the both.

Posted as part of June Photo A Day Challenge.

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