This photo was taken in Hampi. It was a divine short trip. With the area ensconced in lush greenery. I have written a post about Hampi here. If you do get a chance to visit it, make the most of it! Before it is thronged by the tourists. As it is still a pretty undiscovered, quaint place!

And for today’s prompt, Environment. This picture taken there seemed like a perfect fit.

Farmers are the true environmentalists. They are the caretakers of the precious earth. I can only imagine the satisfaction  they must feeling, the kind that derives from working the earth. If only we could make time to work on our own earth, a few hours each day! Which is why, I have decided to adopt a plant this year and hope to do justice to it by giving it the care it needs.

Wish me best!

Posted as part of the June Photo A Day Challenge

2 thoughts on “Environment

  1. Hello 🙂 I am A from that A-nonymous blog ( I realize only now how weird that sounds 😉 )
    Just thought I’d drop in and say hi !

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