Temples without Idols

Last weekend saw us climbing boulders and visiting ruins in Hampi. Expect to see some pictures soon!! And while in Hampi, we came across loads and loads of temples, all over the place. Like 2 temples / KM kinda thing!!! But surprisingly, thanks to Archaeological Survey of India, most of them were really well-preserved. and the sense of calm that was preserved in the ruins for hundreds of years was immensely you know… calming! 😀

I have always believed that temples should always invoke contemplative silence. which I find doesn’t happen all that often, because as soon as I close my eyes to meditate, the sound of bells clanging, people shouting would shake me out of my reverie. And in the urban jungles that we live in, building a temple without the sound of that horn blaring or the sound of machinery is almost impossible! So when I came across a temple which fulfilled all my criteria, them being:

  • Silence
  • A sense of history
  • Some more silence
  • And then some more!!!

It blew my mind away! Hampi has so many temples and almost all of them do not have idols in them. Which translates to no puja being done. Which again translates to people just sitting around calmly admiring the ruins or just plain meditating. And then my partner said “Temples without Idols should be everywhere” It just clicked! Everything fell into place! That is such a great idea. A temple without idols would mean a place for meditation, a place for contemplation, a place where all your thoughts find a place to rest and reconcile. If only that really happened! That would be a true temple for me!

The Silent Temple, Hampi

The Silent Temple, Hampi

2 thoughts on “Temples without Idols

  1. A temple without idols? Never heard of them… nor saw them. Such a fascinating idea!
    Like you, I am yet to find peace in the urban temples, most of which are commercialised. A temple where people can just contemplate, meditate, pray or admire the ruins sounds so wonderful!
    Hampi has been on our dream list for oh-so-long. Should go sometime soon!
    Did you book a package tour or arrange the trip yourself?

    • I know right! It’s a very fascinating idea!!! One that I am in love with! Seems so obvious now!

      We went by ourselves and it was wonderful, though a tad hot. You must go sometime. But try to avoid the summer, it is crazy hot!

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