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This is one of the most heart touching ads that I’ve ever seen. Period.


Adieu Reader

Google Reader a.k.a Reader, age 5 years, 8 months, 24 days, will be dying a virtual death (literally!) at on Monday(All the ill fated things seem to happen on a Monday! Sigh!!) July 1, 2013. The cause is lack of understanding of the emotional connect that the users share with the beloved Reader.

Born October 7, 2005, at Google Inc., to the single parent Chris Wetherell, it went through painful redesigns like the ability to “mark all as read”, a new folder-based navigation, and an expanded view along with the inclusion of video content from YouTube and Google Video. It served its readers religiously by including video content from YouTube and Google Video, attaining the rank of chief  RSS reader—one of the first to attain that rank. On September 17, 2007, Google Reader had graduated out of Google Labs.

Reader will be especially remembered for its ease of use, quick updates, spirit of camaraderie it displayed towards its blogger friends and the tenaciousness that allowed its users to achieve their goal of staying up to date with their websites, blogs etc.

Survivors include no one as no other platform comes close to the comfort provided by the reader. All over the world, its admirers are already mourning their loss. Some are displaying withdrawal symptoms like boycotting the reader even before it closes down (Read:Me)

Services will be held at on Monday, July 1, at the World Wide Web. Burial will be held in private. Relatives and friends are welcome at the service.

Mourning Google Reader