Of Dreams and Courage

Everyone dreams, but a very select few have the courage to chase after them.

One of my very best friends who used to be my colleague has managed to achieve another of her dreams! She has always been a source of wonder to me! Be being the lazy dreamer, have always fantasized. Tasted the dreams in my head and then let them go stale. But this post is not about me! It’s about her. Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing SN!

SN and I were colleagues. We got along famously. We enjoyed the creamy fillings of doughnuts, the silly movies, the loser colleagues and the bitter lessons of life! We were a couple of typical techies who keep cribbing about life and life in Software Industry mainly! But not just that! 😀 We always talked about switching and starting up our own boutique or a library or anything that was not THIS! This being our predictable/boring desk job! And she being the Einstein Jr that she was managed to crack the All Mighty CAT and got into a prestigious prestigious institute. It is through her that I learned of the difficulty of deciding who sits beside whom on a circular table and who is that CEO/Prime Minister of what and it is through her that Euro Crisis is not just a news thing and that it actually means something (So, I don’t read/watch news okay! Guilty!)

But seriously, after wading through all that s***, she made it! And still had enough will/patience to work day and night for that illusive internship/job that would make all of her wishes come true! And I’m ecstatic to say that she has made it! Switzerland it is!! Watch out Yash Raj-Land! Here comes my gal!!

This one is for you, my darling!! Love you loads!! And will miss you loads!!

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