Oh So Easy!

Oh my blog!

Sorry for neglecting you for so long. But it is so easy to forget your existence in the daily hustle-bustle. So many things have happened and I haven’t found the time to talk to you. But it is always that way, isn’t it! So easy to forget! Between the start and end points of my To-Do list, we forget the Want-To-Do list. Like missing out on that weekly call to a dear dear friend, omitting the daily  luxury of taking five minutes to yourself because you were already late office, losing out on the pleasure of early morning walks, permitting yourself to overlook the fact that it’s been ages since you whats app-ed that friend who promised to get back to.

But let me make it up to you. I can’t promise to be an avid blogger but I promise to give my 100% whenever I do.  I promise to write down my thoughts for you whenever the mood strikes me, irrespective of however busy I am. I promise to be more spontaneous in my writing, for that is your gift to me. The gift of Spontaneity!

With lots of love,

A very sorry, repentant blogger

Leave your Foot-Print! Oops! Cyber-Print! :)

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