Nefertiti by Michelle Moran

All I have ever known about Egypt is through movies. Which is not quite a lot, so this book came as a complete pleasure to me. Nefertiti offered me a very beautiful view of the Royal Egyptian landscape. This book gave me a very interesting glimpse of Egyptians. And I fell in love with books all over again. The very reason for me being a book lover is that it gives me the ability to experience the soft breeze of the Nile, the heavy heat of the Egyptian markets, wonder at the beauty of the Egyptian culture and to marvel at the beauty that is Nefertiti and all while being curled up at the window sill, warm in my blanket on a cold cold night!


The book opens with the young life of Nefertiti and Mutnejmet who enjoy their lives in their village of Akhmim. When Amenhotep happens to be next on line to become the Pharaoh of Egypt, Nefertiti becomes his bride. Amenhotep, who is a worshiper of Aten (The sun), is looking to overhaul the traditional worship ways of the Egyptians and Nefertiti lends her support to him to gain his affection. They go on to build an empire where their names can stand the test of time. Meanwhile, it’s Mutnejmet who is the moral force behind Nefertiti’s choices. While she belongs to the Royal family, she craves for a family of her own. Her desires are finally fulfilled when she comes across the love of her life Nakhtmin, a general who is out of favor in the Pharaoh’s army. In spite of everyone opposing the match, she leaves the royal premises and sets out to live a life of her own.

After a while, the family reconciles and comes together to face the repercussions of the neglect of the Pharaoh which has to led to the invasion of Egyptian territories by Hittites. The plot revolves around Neferiti’s wish of remaining immortal through her city and her sister Mutnejmet who is Nefertiti’s alter ego.

Overall it was a very interesting read, with loads of family drama which only added to the intrigue. This goes into my all time favorites shelf!

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