A world of worlds

The other day I was out having dinner and as I looked on, I saw many worlds!

Each table constituted a teeny tiny world which everyone builds around themselves. And I was amazed that I never noticed this before. Everything that we do and everything that we say becomes a part of our world. The love we share, the fights we have, the silly jokes we crack and the pranks we play are all the markers with which we define our world. And as I looked on, I saw an old couple discussing kids, a young couple fighting and the inevitable romantic couple sharing a dish 😀

What’s the point you ask. Nothing actually! It’s just the pleasure of having a world all to myself that I wanted to share with you guys. Amazing how a big blue sphere holds so many multi-hued worlds within it.

So go on, think about your world and smile like a loony 😀

2 thoughts on “A world of worlds

  1. Yup–Others’ lives are every bit as interesting and valuable as ours. That’s why it’s so much fun to ask others how and what they are doing and then (a) expect a good answer and (b) listen to it. Life’s great!

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