Life is what you make it

Statutory warning: Posted from my phone. Please ignore the typos, too lazy to change it now! Hope you get the gist though!

It’s 3’o clock in the morning and I’m still awake.

A good book does that to you! I.started reading Preeti Shenoy’s Life is what you make it at 12’o clock thinking that oysters would be a time filler till i doze off, as I wasn’t very impressed with heterosexual tea ftp two and a piece of cake. But boy oh boy!! Did it surprise me!

Ankita is a beautiful intelligent girl who lives in Kerala with her conservative parents. She id quite the ‘it’ girl with her being the secretary of her college. She has a relationship going on for her with an old time school friend via letters ( Hoe can you not love letters!! ) Meanwhile she meets Abhi who is super sweet and is utterly in love with her. By abduction by they both start living each other.

Graduation arrives and its time for life to intervene with its twists. Ankita moves to MUmbai to join the famed management institute. But here she realizes how wrong things have become. Now it is her journey which completely kept me engrossed. So much so that I’m still awake!! On a work day!!

If you guys are looking for that next book, i would definitely recommend this one!

P.S. This happens to be mymilestone book of the year! Aka my 60th book. Ah! The satisfaction of fulfilling a New year resolution! I’m feeling so smug for having done it 😀

And I’m happy that it’s this particular one 🙂