A Soulful Himalayan Sojourn | The Freedom

Hey reader! You will find that my post alternates between my travel entries and sometimes my views on those entries. Come, live my journey, discover places and people along with me! 🙂

Still can’t believe that this is actually happening!! A girl who doesn’t fight for herself has fought tooth and nail for this. A girl who embodies laziness has taken things into her hand, planned, scrimped and saved to get what she wanted.

In short, a DREAMER has managed to turn a fantasy into her reality.

The past year has been marked with changes not of my making. Amid this choatic concontion called life, I discovered that I have a yearning deep withing me, to travel. Since childhood, I have always traveled through my books, without even realizing it. But that isn’t enough anymore, I need to travel, see places, meet people, experience things for myself. For I realize that things don’t happen to you, you make them happen. Every second that I haven’t LIVED is a precious gem lost in the sands of time. And now it is time to see things for myself, and for others to read my travel tales!

And after a lot of hurdles, confusions and fear like I have described in my previous post, I’m finally here! Here being my first ever solo flight! A first of many firsts that I’m going to encounter in this trip! 😀

After days and days of packing and repacking (All the girls out there know what I’m talking about!) I finally find myself hugging my mum good-bye. I was standing at the check-in counter, staring wide-eyed at a place where I had come only to see people off, never for myself. And all this without trying to look like a village baboon. Don’t think I managed it though 😛

After an hour of check-ins and goof ups later, I find myself sitting alone & undisturbed in a place far away from the grounded reality! I see the earth below in shades of black and white. The sun is playing peek-a-boo with the clouds and the result is a beautiful black and white picture below me, with the sun forming the whites and the shadow forming the darker shade 🙂

I gaze in wonder at the checkered blanket below me, with the green fields and concrete buildings providing a perfect contrast. I suddenly have this urge of eating cotton candy for the clouds remind me of them. I realize that the plane is speeding up but that isn’t the only thing in the fast lane. My heart has followed suit too!

I land in Delhi to find myself in the sweltering heat. I see a kid and wave to him. Such a natural thing to do! I realize that I’m completely amid strangers, but the kid reminded me that in the end, we are all the same. Out for the same thing, to live to the best of our knowledge!

The day just went on to prove that there is as much good in the world as the bad, if not more. I do not know anyone in the city and yet I find myself being onvited to a strangers house! A co-traveler in my trip, who I had only communicated till now by emails, is calling me over to her friends place, to kill time before we catch our bus together. Naturally, I was really skeptical to go to a strangers place and that too in a strange city! But when I spoke to her, I really felt comfortable. So decided to take a chance and went on to her place(Dumb idea maybe, but gut instinct I tell you!) I found her to be the most independent, smart, witty person who has a really warm personality! After having yummy koftas and the best hot chocolate that I’ve ever tasted along with some vanilla cake! Yumm!!

And then we were off to Manali! The day has just proved to me how beautiful the world is..

For now, I’m content to just start at the beautiful but distant orange tinged horizon, while my mind if whirring with the thoughts, imaginations and whispering of the day to come…

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