Back to the pavilion

Hey there!!

Been so long since I’ve churned up something new! I know, I know.. You’ve been wondering if I’m dead to the blogging world like those thousands who disappear after a few posts and are even thinking of unsubscribing! Stop those traitorous thoughts right there!! 🙂

I’m very much alive and kicking. I’ve been on a loooooong overdue vacation and have returned 2 weeks back. But due to a parasitic disorder called Laziness, I have procrastinated so long! But after looking at people like her and her, who love blogging so much that they’ve jumped right back into the blogging world. I’ve resolved to get my act together and get going!

So you can expect some very interesting posts soon! VERY SOON!

6 thoughts on “Back to the pavilion

    • Thank you! 🙂

      I was at the most beautiful place that I’ve ever been to till now! Do not want to spoil the surprise for you!

      Post coming right up! 🙂

      Hint: We were very close by! 😉

      P.S. Loved your vacation tales! Kashmir is definitely on my travel list now!

    • Oops! Sorry for the omission!
      Ladies and gentleman, I’ve the honour of introducing to you today, one of the people who has inspired me to take up blogging again, who has compelled me to break the shackles of laziness and to emerge a victor! 🙂
      Awesome enough, aye! 😉

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