The Drop By Michael Connelly

Been a long time since a thriller has captivated my interest so much. The plot keeps the reader occupied. Every so often, I would put down the book and wonder what the next move would be or where the plot would lead to. It is exactly for this reason that I like this book. Any book which can transcend from the pages into your imagination logs in as a good read for me.

Harry Bosch is a dedicated cop who is a part of the team, which takes up old unsolved cases in the hope that the modern invention of DNA profiling helps to bring justice to them. In the course of his job, he comes across a case where the DNA found on the victim matches to that of an eight year old. Thus, to uphold the legitimacy of the his department, he embarks on an investigation. This is one part of the story. The other side has a very politically charged case which he finds himself plunked in. A man has been found dead and he has fallen off from his balcony in the Chateau Marmont Hotel. And he turns out to be the son of a anti-LAPD Councilman who holds a personal grudge against Harry. The story then revolves around these two investigations. However, the end seems a little anticlimactic, which is why it goes into my like shelf instead of my love shelf!

The sublime way in which the author has portrayed the detective as a father, lover and a mentor is appreciable. Goes on to show how many roles all of us take on in our daily lives.

If you are itching to try out a crime thriller, you can trust this one, you may not fall in love with it but it will carry you through quite well.

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