The Grand Tour

One trip,  England, to France, to Austria, and down through Italy, one helluva coming-of-age experience

Recently, I came across a very interesting book. It dealt with a topic very close to my heart, travel. More specifically, THE GRAND TOUR.

The Grand Tour was popular for several centuries but gradually faded in the 1900s. This twentieth-century rendition is entirely an exercise of my imagination, but it follows the general path the old bears led their clients on— from England, to France, to Austria, and down through Italy. At times, they elected to visit Germany, Spain, Greece, and Turkey as well.

Imagine that!! Young ladies and gentlemen(How romantic does that sound!) embarking on a journey of their lives to enrich their social, economical and artistic understanding and not to forget a chance to woo their future life-partners 😉

To have an opportunity to tour the world without having a care as to where to buy your tickets, where to lodge your baggage. For your bear will take care of  it! Yes, you heard it right! A guide is appointed to show you around and to tell you about the significance of what you are seeing, he is referred to as the ‘Bear’! For an era gone by which is usually associated with the lack of independence, which people now enjoy, this seemed like a shining light of beacon.

I’m in my 20’s now and people my age or females anywhere will associate travel with the innumerable number of pleadings, tears, long discussions and prayers of getting permission for traveling. So when I read about a father who insists that his young daughter go on a trip to another continent in a time where mobiles, email are non-existent, it sounds too good to be true!

Pure Heaven! To walk along the quaint streets in Paris while you munch on chocolate macaroons, to savor a gondola ride in Venice, attend a concert by Vivaldi. The amount of shopping that can be done in the fashion capitals of the world! Oh my god! When imagining it itself is so pleasurable, I cannot fathom how much more gratifying the real thing would have been! I am just drooling when I think about the experiences that these people must have had in this trip of theirs!

Looks like they did get some thing right, and our generation should come out of their comfort and learn a thing or two from them!

P.S. This happens to be my 20th Post! 🙂


The Drop By Michael Connelly

Been a long time since a thriller has captivated my interest so much. The plot keeps the reader occupied. Every so often, I would put down the book and wonder what the next move would be or where the plot would lead to. It is exactly for this reason that I like this book. Any book which can transcend from the pages into your imagination logs in as a good read for me.

Harry Bosch is a dedicated cop who is a part of the team, which takes up old unsolved cases in the hope that the modern invention of DNA profiling helps to bring justice to them. In the course of his job, he comes across a case where the DNA found on the victim matches to that of an eight year old. Thus, to uphold the legitimacy of the his department, he embarks on an investigation. This is one part of the story. The other side has a very politically charged case which he finds himself plunked in. A man has been found dead and he has fallen off from his balcony in the Chateau Marmont Hotel. And he turns out to be the son of a anti-LAPD Councilman who holds a personal grudge against Harry. The story then revolves around these two investigations. However, the end seems a little anticlimactic, which is why it goes into my like shelf instead of my love shelf!

The sublime way in which the author has portrayed the detective as a father, lover and a mentor is appreciable. Goes on to show how many roles all of us take on in our daily lives.

If you are itching to try out a crime thriller, you can trust this one, you may not fall in love with it but it will carry you through quite well.