Me and My Cappuccino

I have been on a quest to try new things whenever I can. And this weekend I happened to fulfill one of my dreams! To learn to be an equestrian, yes you read it right! I went HORSE-RIDING!! Yayy!! 🙂

Have always been obsessed with historical fiction and as you know, horses are a huge part in any good historical romance! The heroine almost always is a beautiful, intelligent female who has extraordinary horse skills! And who can ride a horse bare back!

So this time around, when I got a chance to ride one. I seized it!! 😀

As it was my first time, I learnt the basic stuff, getting on and off the horse! Do not laugh! It is a highly complex task which required a variety of gymnastic movements to be performed on my part! 😛

I got to sit on my Cappuccino, which by the way is the name of my horse! Ain’t it cute!

And all of the time I was on the horse, I imagined myself to be galloping among the lush green woods and felt exactly like a princess! 😉

After our session, me and some of my friends had stuck around to see how it is actually done. How the pros do it! And out comes a line of beautifully groomed horses who we could tell had undergone loads and loads of training and their riders held themselves aloft with a very confident air about them. We watched them do stuff that I didn’t think was possible to do!

But more than the horses, their riders were what caught my fancy! For they were all aged below 10!! :O

Looking at them I realised that magic truly does exist, for seeing those little hands caressing their horses and steering them the way they wanted was nothing less than magical for me!

I guess we humans are made to try to something new whenever we can so that we discover something about ourselves in the process! I found that I love riding horses. for horses are royal beings and they are so gracious that they lend us a royal aura when we are in their company! 🙂

Leave your Foot-Print! Oops! Cyber-Print! :)

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