The Hunt For Atlantis By Andy McDermott

This book was a break for me. Away from serious reading, wanted to try out some action/adventure genre. But alas, reading it became a task for me and it didn’t really excite me.

Usually the thought of Atlantis itself gets me very excited but the way the plot and the characters shaped didn’t invoke my imagination. AT ALL!!!

Dr.Wilde and her parents are searching for the lost city of Atlantis and in the quest her parents lose their lives. She dedicates her life to furthering the cause and through an organization gets a chance to go on a search for Atlantis. She also has the bad guys chasing her, who want to prevent her from making the archaeological find ever. In the course, she meets her bodyguard/romantic interest. To cut it short, she fulfills her quest but the end turns out to be so weird that it fails to bring home the joy that I was expecting out if it.

For what it’s worth, I would recommend that you skip it entirely and search elsewhere for your adventure needs.

2 thoughts on “The Hunt For Atlantis By Andy McDermott

  1. I love your reading habit. I wish I had it..maybe I should try to acquire it.

    It’s like going through several different worlds and talking about those worlds in your reviews. What I love most about your reviews is that they are mature. You’ve read enough books to be able to judge one on its merits — not just enough books to talk about it, but enough to evaluate the plot and the structure of the book. Now THAT is great. Your Kindle is lucky is to have a set of intelligent, sophisticated set of eyes before it. Happy Reading..and reviewing! 🙂

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