Money is A Form of Water

No, I have not lost it and yes, I have studied Science too.

At the beginning of every month, every salaried employee waits for that paycheck which is the main reason for the said person to stay working in a job which he/she feels is not made for  them. They say that every one is born to fulfill a particular responsibility-their karma, us lot are just waiting to find it! Or so they say. When they enter the world of corporate, the polished exterior coupled with the smartly dressed people working in it manage to make the new joinee feel smart and they congratulate themselves for being one of the smarties.

Later on, some realize that the job is not stimulating them enough but do not leave it. That doesn’t mean that they don’t plan on leaving. Oh no! If only thoughts could be converted into money, then the IT Professionals would have tons and tons of it. They could dive in and out of their treasure, made from their dreams of doing something that they they are not doing currently, like Uncle Scrooge in Duck Tales.

Treasure of Dreams!!

At the beginning of the month, the world seems beautiful with innumerable opportunities just waiting for us,  then as the moon waxes on and our account balance with it. It seems a little dull till at the end of the month, when the world loses all its sheen and appears black and white!!!

End of Month Outlook

Especially after the discovery of eBanking, money has become so volatile that it cleverly slips between the crevices of the oh-s0-beautiful dress and the cant-live-without pair of ear rings and the must-have-else-i’ll-die pair of shoes. Till a point comes where I don’t know where it has all flown away.

And the online stores! Oh, don’t even get me started on those! I’m quietly watching a video on YouTube, checking out a friends photos on Facebook, but there in the corner is an ad which shoes such a lovely skirt, I know that I would regret if I didn’t have them. So go ahead and buy them, says my inner aatma and voila! A single click does the trick!

And to add to all the woes, there comes march with its tax declarations! I rush, beg, borrow, steal to invest so that the money which can be used to buy those cute looking pair of shorts doesn’t go into the treasure troves of Indian Government and amma‘s consistent nagging to save up is becomes a never-ending chant!

Money has become a depleting resource a.k.a depleting water levels in summer, which gets renewed at the start of every month, just like our reservoirs get filled to the brim and beyond during our rainy seasons!! And the cycle goes on…

So tell me, am I wrong when I say that money is a form of water!

Leave your Foot-Print! Oops! Cyber-Print! :)

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