A Musical Pursuit

I have studied in a boarding school and all of my school days were pretty much packed with activities. Classes, Choir Practices, Drama Practice, Sports etc etc. Then I joined college and opted to not stay in a hostel. The result of which was lots and lots of free time, something that I was not used to. Because when you stay at home, so much is already taken care of! You don’t have to worry about laundry, food or any such logistics! Home is indeed a heaven!But I’m deviating here.

I ended up doing nothing for a long time and finally after a lot of thinking decided to take up a musical instrument. I chose Violin for its beautiful tone and the timeless sophistication that it exudes. Looks do matter too!! 🙂 I enrolled myself in some classes. Went to the music store with my sir to get myself a violin of my own. As usual, I overshot my budget and in turn got a beautiful beautiful violin. I reasoned that it is a lifelong investment, so I though what the hell, lets do it!

Ma Amore ❤

I live in Hyderabad and believe me when I say that finding a good Violin Teacher is not easy! I joined but there was no particular direction that my classes had and hence it would suffice to say that my motivation phased out. And I dropped the classes 😦 Sad, but yeah.

Then came office, here I had even more free time, thanks to the Weekend system! Then I thought ‘Enough is enough’ and decided to pick up my passion (Literally!!) With the help of a faithful friend who coaxed me to get back, I joined a music school and took particular care as to where I’m joining, the curriculum they follow etc, as I had learned aplenty from my past mistakes and voila! I found myself sitting in a room dotted with piano, guitar, drums etc. (My personal heaven!)

And I’m happy to say that it’s been almost 2 years and I have succesfully passed my Grade 1 exam with disctinction*Drum Roll* A girl needs to show off, doesn’t she! 😛

Now on my weekends you’ll find me preparing for my grade 2 exam!

I’m proud of myself that I have come this far and playing violin always always manages to make me feel good about myself and I’m not so bad now (Though you won’t find my amma agreeing to that, she says my violin screeches!) I’ve had my share of misgivings, trials and tribulations along the way. But I’m all the more happy for it, because I have managed to overcome them, haven’t I! I’ll be posting more of my experiences soon as I have so many stories to share, in which my violin is the protagonist, if I jot down all of them here, this post would become Lord of the Rings – Part 2! So stay tuned! Picture abhi baki hai mere dost! 🙂

P.S. Some day, I would like to play this!

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