Me and My Cappuccino

I have been on a quest to try new things whenever I can. And this weekend I happened to fulfill one of my dreams! To learn to be an¬†equestrian, yes you read it right! I went HORSE-RIDING!! Yayy!! ūüôā

Have always been obsessed with historical fiction and as you know, horses are a huge part in any good historical romance! The heroine almost always is a beautiful, intelligent female who has extraordinary horse skills! And who can ride a horse bare back!

So this time around, when I got a chance to ride one. I seized it!! ūüėÄ

As it was my first time, I learnt the basic stuff, getting on and off the horse! Do not laugh! It is a highly complex task which required a variety of gymnastic movements to be performed on my part! ūüėõ

I got to sit on my¬†Cappuccino, which by the way is the name of my horse! Ain’t it cute!

And all of the time I was on the horse, I imagined myself to be galloping among the lush green woods and felt exactly like a princess! ūüėČ

After our session, me and some of my friends had stuck around to see how it is actually done. How the pros do it! And out comes a line of beautifully groomed horses who we could tell had undergone loads and loads of training and their riders held themselves aloft with a very confident air about them. We watched them do stuff that I didn’t think was possible to do!

But more than the horses, their riders were what caught my fancy! For they were all aged below 10!! :O

Looking at them I realised that magic truly does exist, for seeing those little hands caressing their horses and steering them the way they wanted was nothing less than magical for me!

I guess we humans are made to try to something new whenever we can so that we discover something about ourselves in the process! I found that I love riding horses. for horses are royal beings and they are so gracious that they lend us a royal aura when we are in their company! ūüôā


Arrange(d) Marriage?! 0_o

A lot has been said about Arranged Marriages. Courtesy Satyamev Jayate.

Many have been discussing about dowry, the ill-treatment of the brides etc etc. But these are all only the effects, the cause lies somewhere else. Here, I am going to talk about not the extremities but about the usual circumstances. Nothing unremarkable about it, or is it?!

It lies in the way we think. Girls born and brought up in a typical Indian atmosphere are told time and again that “Good Girls listen to their parents ALL the time” ¬†“Kids who say No to their parents are bad” While they may mean this only in the context that they are saying them. Such repetitive statements make an impression on the young minds.

Then comes an age where it is “high time” that they are married. And then starts the usual parade of guys. And all this takes place without even asking what the girl wants. Sure, they will ask them if they want to get married, but the chances of them asking what kind of a guy they want are slim. At the best, they would ask the girl if she prefers an engineer or a doctor! No wonder engineering colleges are overflowing in our country!

But even if they do ask, I’m guessing the answers would be something like this;

  • A person who can make me laugh.a.k.a sense of humor
  • A person who is compatible
  • A shared sense of right and wrong or a common ground where both can meet
  • And many more to jot down..

But how can even the parents find out if the guy has atleast one of these qualities, for it takes months if not years to find out about all this. Here lies my problem with arranged marriage, marriage itself is a huge undertaking but how to go in blindfolded!!

If the girl even tries to explain this to the parents, they just give a blank look and say that “Humne bhi toh arranged marriage ki thi. hum khush nahi hai kya”(We also had an arranged marriage, aren’t we happy) And sometimes when I listen to this, I go :O

Times have changed, it’s much easier to get divorced now!

I told this to my amma and received a solid lecture followed by silent treatment for a week!

But it is true, isn’t it! Thanks to¬†globalization, financial independence and exposure have changed a lot of thoughts. Girls know what they want and they go out to get it. But…

However modern we are, we still have the good old “Sita” somewhere in us, the obedient, patient, relative-roughened lady.( After all, all of us have been tortured by relatives at some time or the other! ) We still like to have parents consent before we set out to do anything, leave alone marriage. And we do things that go against our grain just because of our love towards them and in the hope that things will turn out alright! And they might, but they might not too!

I don’t think that life is all about compromise, some compromise yeah, it unavoidable. It’s a give and take.

But when it comes to marriage, I would rather give than take!

The Hunt For Atlantis By Andy McDermott

This book was a break for me. Away from serious reading, wanted to try out some action/adventure genre. But alas, reading it became a task for me and it didn’t really excite me.

Usually the thought of Atlantis itself gets me very excited but the way the plot and the characters shaped didn’t invoke my imagination. AT ALL!!!

Dr.Wilde and her parents are searching for the lost city of Atlantis and in the quest her parents lose their lives. She dedicates her life to furthering the cause and through an organization gets a chance to go on a search for Atlantis. She also has the bad guys chasing her, who want to prevent her from making the archaeological find ever. In the course, she meets her bodyguard/romantic interest. To cut it short, she fulfills her quest but the end turns out to be so weird that it fails to bring home the joy that I was expecting out if it.

For what it’s worth, I would recommend that you skip it entirely and search elsewhere for your adventure needs.

Money is A Form of Water

No, I have not lost it and yes, I have studied Science too.

At the beginning of every month, every salaried employee waits for that paycheck which is the main reason for the said person to stay working in a job which he/she feels is not made for  them. They say that every one is born to fulfill a particular responsibility-their karma, us lot are just waiting to find it! Or so they say. When they enter the world of corporate, the polished exterior coupled with the smartly dressed people working in it manage to make the new joinee feel smart and they congratulate themselves for being one of the smarties.

Later on, some¬†realize¬†that the job is not stimulating them enough but do not leave it. That doesn’t mean that they don’t plan on leaving. Oh no! If only thoughts could be converted into money, then the IT Professionals would have tons and tons of it. They could dive in and out of their treasure, made from their dreams of doing something that they they are not doing currently, like Uncle Scrooge in Duck Tales.

Treasure of Dreams!!

At the beginning of the month, the world seems beautiful with innumerable opportunities just waiting for us,  then as the moon waxes on and our account balance with it. It seems a little dull till at the end of the month, when the world loses all its sheen and appears black and white!!!

End of Month Outlook

Especially after the discovery of eBanking, money has become so volatile that it cleverly slips between the crevices of the oh-s0-beautiful dress and the cant-live-without pair of ear rings and the must-have-else-i’ll-die pair of shoes. Till a point comes where I don’t know where it has all flown away.

And the online stores! Oh, don’t even get me started on those! I’m¬†quietly¬†watching a video on¬†YouTube, checking out a friends photos on¬†Facebook, but there in the corner is an ad which shoes such a lovely skirt, I know that I would regret if I didn’t have them. So go ahead and buy them, says my inner aatma and voila! A single click does the trick!

And to add to all the woes, there comes march with its tax declarations! I rush, beg, borrow, steal to invest so that the money which can be used to buy those cute looking pair of shorts doesn’t go into the treasure troves of Indian Government and amma‘s consistent nagging to save up is becomes a never-ending chant!

Money has become a depleting resource a.k.a depleting water levels in summer, which gets renewed at the start of every month, just like our reservoirs get filled to the¬†brim¬†and beyond during our rainy seasons!! And the cycle goes on…

So tell me, am I wrong when I say that money is a form of water!

The Secret Keeper By Julie Thomas

It’s said that good things come in small packages. How true has that proven to be ¬†in this case.

In one of my previous posts, I had mentioned that I’m a student of violin. Violin is where I escape to, a place far away from my worries. So this book was a treat for me.

For this books protagonist is not a person, but a thing. If you can call a violin a thing, that is. The book revolves around a German family’s attachment to their heritage. They are especially attached to their violin which has been in their family for a hundred and fifty years. They lose it during the holocaust and due to an unexpected twist of fate and some expert writing, a reunion of the grandest kind happens.

The book truly manages to convey the importance of music in our lives, about memories that carry us through the tough times.

This book has so many goodies in it that I can’t even begin to tell you. Botticelli paintings, authentic Faberge eggs and how can I forget the music! The greats of orchestral music are brought alive through their works and the luthiers(Violin Makers) come alive through their instruments. I have learned so much about the history of violins by reading this book!

The description of concentration camps is heart wrenching!

Even if you’re not a fan of classical music, this is a must try. Would recommend it to everyone who has the fortune of reading the global language known as English!

10 Posts old!!


I’m already 10 Posts old! This being the 11th post! How quickly has this milestone come!

I started blogging due to my deary friend Mystery

And it has been a very pleasant, enlightening experience.

In this blogosphere, I’ve come across people who read loads and loads of many books, so many that I’ve wondered how they do it!

People who write beautiful poetry, using the regular words and make them sound so magnificent.

Those who have awakened the wanderlust in me, I feel like getting out there and get some solid travel hours. All this just by reading their blog!

And many of the DIY blogs which have inspired me to try out stuff on my own!!

Thanks to all you!

You have all inspired me to do better, to try out new stuff and made my life even more interesting! ūüôā

Religion, Objectivity and Dilemma

Imagine a typical South Indian family, mix it with bunch of obnoxious relatives and extra ordinary amounts of food. There you have it, my family. I’ve had a pretty normal childhood, so to speak. No Sunday was complete without the delicious chicken curry, a movie or a visit to the temple. See, where I place religion, pretty much at the bottom of the ladder. Not that I’m an atheist but that’s just the way it has been.

Even though I’ve never consciously thought about it. Religion has been an integral part of my life, thanks to my mum. Then adolescence happened, I moved away to a hostel and that was that. I came back from school and started looking around at the same old same old differently. For me, religion is about that visit to the temple now and then, the usual festivals but more importantly the food that is an inevitable part of those festivals. ūüėÄ

But somewhere along the way, I started reading up about all those wars that are waged in the name if religion from time immemorial. Isn’t it because of the same kind of passivity that I’m displaying that all of them ended the way they did. To not a give a moments thought about what we are following, what we are doing.

This then led me to question my code of morality, the principles underlying them. For I don’t want to follow a code because it feels right. I want to be able to answer when someone questions about the choices that I make and I make those choices based on my code of ethics. For aren’t Hitlers actions a reflection of his code! See, it’s that important!

My quest eventually led me to ayn rand, for my brother is a hard core objectivist and whenever he’s around he compels you to think about consciously making a choice, about everything.¬†I’m being completely honest here when I say that I did read atlas shrugged but never completely got it, if you know what I mean. Then I inherited a book from my Anna, it’s called Loving Life by Craig Biddle. Now this I got, because he takes it apart for you. Micron by micron, so now you have no choice but to understand. And understand I did, each chapter was ground breaking. Really! Every little thing that I read there made so much sense, but it got difficult after a while.

To question everything, to realize that every single move that we make is the result of our circumstances and the way we interpret them and that it’s important to think, the most important exercise that most of us fail to perform. There came a time when I just couldn’t go ahead. ¬†For I felt that it asked of me of a thing which I can’t give, not at this point, emotional detachment.

I feel one needs to be completely okay to analyze each belief that you have held to the test and to learn from it. I couldn’t make myself do it, couldn’t shoulder such a huge responsibility of being responsible for myself, completely responsible for myself. SoI left it unfinished. Guilty! But let me not speak of objectivism, there are many people out there who have taken it up as a science and live by it. One of them is this one, if you are interested, you can read his blog here.

I have this analogy. Ever been awake at night? Toiling to get into the sleep mode. If you were and if you have a clock in your room, you’ll understand this. In the dead of the night, we sometimes hear the ticking of the clock. We completely forgot about it’s existence but once you hear it, there’s no escaping it. You keep hearing it again and again, even if you don’t want to. Tick Tock, Tick Tock it goes… Ayn rand and Loving Life¬†are like that. Once you know of it’s existence. It’s hard to forget it. I have picked up that book again and again but could never gather enough courage to finish it. But even the little that I know has helped shape me.

I’ve formed an interesting theory about religion. My fundamental assumption is based on my observation that no one and I mean no one likes to be alone in this world. And religion provides a perfect solution to allay that base fear. Through the millions and millions of gods that we¬†Hindus¬†have, we’re never truly alone if we believe in them. We always have a hand on our head, per se. And we enjoy a sense of peace.

I’ve never gathered enough courage to renounce that security. I don’t know if I ever will. But I’m trying to find what fits. Let’s see where the journey takes me.

A Musical Pursuit

I have studied in a boarding school and all of my school days were pretty much packed with activities. Classes, Choir Practices, Drama Practice, Sports etc etc. Then I joined college and opted to not stay in a hostel. The result of which was lots and lots of free time, something that I was not used to. Because when you stay at home, so much is already taken care of! You don’t have to worry about laundry, food or any such logistics! Home is indeed a heaven!But I’m deviating here.

I ended up doing nothing for a long time and finally after a lot of thinking decided to take up a musical instrument. I chose Violin for its beautiful tone and the timeless sophistication that it exudes. Looks do matter too!! ūüôā I enrolled myself in some classes. Went to the music store with my sir to get myself a violin of my own. As usual, I overshot my budget and in turn got a beautiful beautiful violin. I reasoned that it is a¬†lifelong¬†investment, so I though what the hell, lets do it!

Ma Amore ‚̧

I live in Hyderabad and believe me when I say that finding a good Violin Teacher is not easy! I joined but there was no particular direction that my classes had and hence it would suffice to say that my motivation phased out. And I dropped the classes ūüė¶ Sad, but yeah.

Then came office, here I had even more free time, thanks to the Weekend system! Then I thought ‘Enough is enough’ and decided to pick up my passion (Literally!!) With the help of a faithful friend who coaxed me to get back, I joined a music school and took particular care as to where I’m joining, the curriculum they follow etc, as I had learned aplenty from my past mistakes and voila! I found myself sitting in a room dotted with piano, guitar, drums etc. (My personal heaven!)

And I’m happy to say that it’s been almost 2 years and I have succesfully passed my Grade 1 exam with disctinction*Drum Roll* A girl needs to show off, doesn’t she! ūüėõ

Now on my weekends you’ll find me preparing for my grade 2 exam!

I’m proud of myself that I have come this far and playing violin always always manages to make me feel good about myself and I’m not so bad now (Though you won’t find my amma agreeing to that, she says my violin screeches!) I’ve had my share of misgivings, trials and tribulations along the way. But I’m all the more happy for it, because I have managed to overcome them, haven’t I! I’ll be posting more of my experiences soon as I have so many stories to share, in which my violin is the protagonist, if I jot down all of them here, this post would become Lord of the Rings – Part 2! So stay tuned! Picture abhi baki hai mere dost! ūüôā

P.S. Some day, I would like to play this!