Negative for a Positive?!

I have been working 12 hour shifts the past few days and all the stress just got to me. And I started with my usual therapy.

The therapy sessions that I keep having when the work gets to me involves imagining an escape to a long long vacation. Work these days has become too hectic and too stressful which has led to even detailed imagination bouts.

Which led me to a very interesting thought. Is it because of all the bad that we enjoy the good so much. Suppose I didn’t have a manager who represents all that is wrong with the world, would I enjoy my vacations so much!

I’ve lost a loved one when I was pretty young, so I know that life can vanish in a snap! Just like that! And I’ve always believed that the present is all you have. So live all you can. Does the fear of vanishing of the fact of the earth, supplement my strength to live so that I can enjoy the moment, the NOW!

But being the optimistic person that I am, I believe that all is well that ends well. It is up-to us to turn everything to our favor, even the bad things. It’s just a matter of perspective, a way of interpreting things so that we know that everything will turn out for the better. For we humans, especially Indians, live on HOPE. Yes, hope, the supremo feeling without which I wouldn’t be able to scrape up the courage to face tomorrow!

The video here is a perfect example of optimism! 🙂 It translates to ‘Leave behind your worries and focus on the present’ 🙂

Penny for your thoughts! 🙂

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