The Juggling Act

It’s late in the day and I find myself sitting and wondering about my time management skills. It was the usual 9 hour work day and at the end of yet another meeting, I was trying to recollect my day. About the things that I had done, the people I met and surprisingly I realized that my day had already come to an end!! We’re supposed to make every moment count, aren’t we? Atleast that is what we keep hearing and seeing in all those ad campaigns and those innumerable fb posts. If that is the case, where did I lose my precious precious day. At the jeopardy of sounding like a person with OCD, I’m telling you now that I have actually sat down to make list of all things that I would like to get done in a 24-hour day as opposed to all those things that I actually do. Replete with the number of hours allocated to each task. Thankfully, I found that I wasn’t that far off, but… It varied enough to get me thinking. Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, office and sleep took up a huge chunk. The rest were scattered around this and that. After deducting things like an hour for yoga, an hour for satisfying my hunger pangs. I was left with about 4-5 hours to do all the Miscellaneous things. That would include things like TV, reading my books, practising violin, catching up with friends and family, shopping, chores etc. And I find that I spend around 2 hours watching stuff that didn’t add any value to my life, but I go ahead and do it anyway.

Because I’m just too lazy to read that book or pick up  the phone to talk to someone. I justified it with the excuse that being the hard working homebody that I’m, I can be excused for what we call, taking it light. But who am I kidding, I KNOW that I would feel better if I had spent that time elsewhere. Like calling up that friend  you haven’t talked to in a long while. But knowing isn’t doing, isn’t it? Herein lies my weakness or the general human failing. Now I’ve mentally squared up my shoulders and have decided to stop doing those mind-numbing, meaningless time-consuming meanderings and to consciously make an effort to get on with things that actually would make a difference to me.

Why don’t you try listing out all those things you would like to do, my list certainly enlightened me! (Read:Buddha) 😉

Have you ever come across this situation, please do let me know. Misery loves company, after all!

You’ll pray for me, won’t you, to keep up my new found resolution! 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Juggling Act

  1. Tell me about time management!!
    Talking about spending time with the Idiot box.. so much time vanishes coz of it with no use at all!! I’ve been thinking of writing a post on it but as usual have been busy/making myself busy with all mundane activities which includes watching it.. May be i will do it sometime this week..Only time will tell..

  2. I think this is the problem with all of us… We just think that we dont get time for any of our stuff.. but the point which lies here is You are already doing the stuff that “YOU” wanted to do in your life..
    I feel our life is just the kind of choice we make..
    I say i am doing nothing in my Job.. Why?? Because I chose my job to be like that..
    My major chunk of time is gone in my job… So basically if you really wanna do some thing interesting in your life.. Take up something in which you really feel the difference in doing… “As a job” which would considerably take this thought from your mind ” What am I doing?”
    And Part time stuff.. is always there for you..

    Happy Blogging… 🙂

    • Amen to that! Choice is both a boon and a bane!

      I don’t like setting time limits on my hobbies, because then they start feeling like a job too!! 🙂

      But I have always held this belief that we always under-expect things from ourselves! This post is a post to do the opposite! 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Such an exercise will put me to shame as what i really think and what i do are complete opposite 🙂
    I am not wasting my time in front of tv but computer takes my huge chunk of time which i can use effectively..
    Thanks for visiting my blog.. 🙂 hope to read more in your space 🙂

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